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they tried to question goulet about sexual assaultal obligations. it was planned for 11:00 a.m., but the time could slide to later in the day. of course, we will keep you posted. >> well, sessions -- they may have needed a panel on expensiv trips on a county budget. the pension board is in controversy after a trip to hawaii for a conference. the trip, estimated to cost $1500 a pop. joedive hernandez is in concord with details on the controversial trip. jodi? >> jess karks the county employees retirement association is taking heat tonight over plans to spend at least three of the trustees to hawaii for a conference. one of the people attending told us, it's not about fun in the sun, he said the trip to paradise is all about pensions. ♪
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>> reporter: you are looking at beautiful scenes from hawaii. and soon, this will be the backdrop for one of the biggest annual pension plan conventions in the country. the national conference of public employee retirement systems. >> i am going to the hawaii one. yes, i am. >> reporter: richard cabral is one of the trustees that is being sent to the five-day hawaii convention this may. >> hawaii is not the issue. i'm going there for the conference, which i find a lot of value in. >> reporter: but some are taking issue with sending folks to hawaii on the public's dime. >> to see taxpayer dollars going to a conference, that strikes the public as offensive. >> reporter: the cost of the trip is not much in the scheme
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of things, it's not good pr, especially when public pension funds across the country are under funded by as much as 3 trillion dls. >> i think that, that rubs people the wrong way. and rightly so. >> i don't think it's right. you know, i'm here myself trying to see about my retirement and i'm finding out they are figuring to send somebody elsewhere at taxpayer's money and i don't think it's right. >> >> reporter: but he said he will come back with more knowledge, not with a tan. >> i think i save them more money by learning the stuff i do in conferences than what would be spent. >> now, i talked to the executive director of the convention today, he said that the conference travels to a different city each year. he said last year it was in new york city and it cost california attendees 50% more to attend that convention than it will to
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go to hawaii. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, on the topic of money, no deal, sequester appears emminent, the cuts go into effect midnight eastern time. 9:00 our time. the lack of urgency to get a deal done appears to be the headline here, steve? >> reporter: well, they did not get a deal done, janelle thanks good evening. this takes washington partisanship and dysfunction to a new level. mixing metaphors today, president obama said he could not do a jedi minds meld to do in his words to get republicans to do the right thing. president obama said sequester kicking in is dumb, inexcusable and not his fault. >> it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress have made.
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but people are going to be hurt. >> reporter: gop leaders came to the white house and held their ground. house speaker, boehner, refusing the obama demand to hike taxes again on the rich. >> this discussion on revenue in my view is over. it's about taking on the spending problem here in washington. >> reporter: sequester will cut $85 billion from defense and domestic spending, a start say some republicans not a crisis. >> it's a lot of money, but it's 2% of our broader budget. i'm holding in my hand two pennies. >> most americans are not effected but as they gave away free sequester burgers, the white house made sure it has a bite. head start gets hit. thousands of border patrol agents could get furloughed. >> cutting down the security of our nations not the way to go at it. >> reporter: back in washington another fight looms in 27 day s
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when the temporary budget expires. >> i am hopeful that we will not have to deal with the threat of a government shut down whooil we deal with the sequester. >> reporter: why didn't the president lock the doors until they had a budget deal. >> if mitch mcconnell or john boehner say we have to go to meet the plane, i cannot block the doorway. >> reporter: sequester day one. >> team obama said the longer the across the bored spending cuts go on, the greater the impact. the sequester could last months. at the start, has not seemed to hurt investor confidence. stocks were up near record territory. scott budman is talking about why and silicone valley is an engine of growth. >> we know that america's
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confidence in our economy is not rattled even when the deadline comes upon us. we measure the confidence with the stock market. it barely moved, they actually moved up for most of the day, ending with small gains, led higher by bay area companies that in fact have boosted the economy since the melt down of 2008. for proof, here are the local stocks on the dow since the melt down which is shown by the dip on the left of the stock chart, cisco has moved up and intel moved up more, and chevron saw their stock double. now, the one local dow component that lost ground is hewlett-packard that had its own problems but to be fair, even hp is up 40% on the year. what it comes down to is the dow and the stock market seem to like budget cuts.
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jessica? >> thank you very much. scott. it's not exactly a life sentence but st. mary's, the squad will have to live with the severe punishment. we are in the comcast sportsnet studio on more on how the long punishment lasts and what the gaels did no deserve the punishment? >> the saint mary's program hit with ncaa violation rules. stemming from improper conduct. that had recruiting violations. there's no major postseason ban for the gaels. that is the good news. bad news, four years probation from now. a 5-conference game suspension and bennett cannot recruit off campus for a year. reduction of scholarships from 13 to 11 through 2016. those are some of the penalties and here is the reaction from the head coach, randy bennett. >> i will say, that i thought
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the penalties were harsh. more so than, like, i said, most of the things in this we agreed with the ncaa on. and we have accepted responsibility. there's little we disagree on. but, i did think that the penalties, they are more harsh than i expected. >> is there something that you would like to see the college appeal to have revieduced? >> not at this point. >> the penalties seem harsh but they are eligible for conference and ncaa tournaments going forward, the gaels have two weeks to appeal the rulings. back to you. >> thank you, we will see you at 6:00, an event meant to celebrate in oakland, has taken a turn this evening. it's the city's first friday art's festival, it's the first gathers since the deadly shooting of the teen aiminger last month. this is a live look of the event, first friday has been scaled back from a dozen blocks to just five and will end at
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9:00, an hour earlier than expected. there will be a peace concert for the 18-year-old senior that was killed during the event on february 1st. police say there's more security at tonight's echbtd to ensure there's no violence. well, time to change the timeline, coming up the new look of facebook that will be coming next week. and a beautiful shot from our nbc bay area helicopter. but, good thing you do not have smell-o-vision. we will explain the stinky situation in the seaside neighborhood next. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri live in the north bay where the sun is out and so are the petaluma little leaguers who made it all the way to the little league world series last year. we will talk baseball and weather and opening day right here in the north bay coming up in a few minutes. >> nice job, you guys! mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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warning signs are up tonight along rockaway beach, after a sewage pipe failed leaking thousands of gallons of waste. the spill happened overnight. crews contained most of the 6,000 gallons of waste, but a portion did go in the ocean. the city will test the water quality tomorrow. this falls under the you have to see it to believe it, a scary moment when the bus driver passed out at the wheel. look what happens. he is trying to take control of the wheel, the bus driver came to and managed to apply the brake. luckily no one was hurt. the woman who stepped in will get free bus service. sad news from the world of
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entertainment. >> it had to be done, that is what president barack obama said today when asked why his administration called on the supreme court to call to strike down the ban on gay marriage. >> it's the bank principal that this country was founded on, that we are all created equal, applies to everyone. regardless of sexual orientation. >> the president's position if adopted by the court will result in gay marriage becoming legal in california and other states as well. >> get ready for more facebook changes. a redesigned news feed will be released next thursday. there's speculation that facebook may divide photo and nonphoto posts. there's sure to be backlash when they switched to the timeline format, users were upset and vocal.
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>> dozens of angry parents will take a bite out of apple in a legal settlement. they claimed this the kids downloaded free games from the mobile app store and racked up huge bills paying for extra features. apple will pay an unknown number of parents. they created stronger controls on games, and now require users to reenter the passwords before paying for the extras. >> in health matters tonight, what if you eat less and feel full, good deal, right? that is what european researches are studying. they are hoping to fight obesity. volunteers fed three meals a day for 52 days and researches looked how the body reacted to difference foods. ingredients used are top secret, but one participant said is no longer tempted to snack. minimal impact like the soccer headers that are popular could
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effect cognative function. female soccer high school players were slower on computer tasks. experts say it seems that mild blows can cause changes linked to brain function. the app could be a quick and effective way to track the change. >> let's check in with jeff neary. jeff is with the little leaguers. hi, jeff? >> yeah, sthey did, and perfect weather, it feels like perfect baseball weather. wouldn't you know it, with opening day coming tomorrow, look who is back here behind me. the petaluma national little league. having a good time coming out, celebrating the 2012 push to the little league world series. you guys were having fun today, right? >> yeah. >> all right, and who we want to talk to today is the coach, mike
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and porter the first baseman. what a season it was for you in 2012, describe what it was like to go to the little league world series? >> hectic and a dream come true. the group of kids, the families. a lot of hard work, these kids did well. >> are you guys ready for 2013? yeah. >> let's come down and talk to porter slade, that is your dad, mike. you are second baseman, what was it like to make it to the little league world series? >> it was a dream come true, and we will remember it for the rest of our lives and i liked getting there. and just playing with all the other teams. because we got to hang out with japan, and we bunked with canada. >> how did you handle all that pressure? >> the first game, it was
5:17 pm
probably the worst, but it was awesome. and our coach eric said, that let it sink in that first game and then after that, we just played. >> smooth sailing and right to the little league world series, real quick, any advice for young baseball players? >> dreams come true and work hard. >> that is awesome. thank you so much. porter slade joining us, the second baseman from the 2012 team. made it to the little league world series. weather, feeling like baseball weather, with temperatures in the upper 70s. warmest today, petaluma, you won with 77 degrees. they like that. and south san jose 74 and san francisco at 73, now as we look at the opening day forecast. temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s in the morning. that is tomorrow at carter field in petaluma, sunshine and mid 60s. what you will see here as you come out and check it out at pet
5:18 pm
petal >> let's get a look at the forecast saturday, low clouds and fog. temperatures in the 40s. by the noon hour, that is the time to get out, we will have the most sunshine and upper 60s and by the afternoon, clouds roll in and we will see low 70s inland. on the seven-day forecast, it's colder as we head throughout sunday. 60s return and then look at this, we have rain coming back as we go through next wednesday. not great baseball weather, but we have sunshine coming as we head throughout spring. again, i will ask you guys are you ready in 2013 to take it to the little league world series again? >> yeah! >> i know you can go louder. >> yeah! >> there you are, champs from the north bay having fun out here tonight. >> you need to be the official cheer coach because you get them
5:19 pm
excited. thank you, jeff. >> you know, if there's a position open, i will take it. >> thank you, jeff. >> we will see you later. okay put this one in the dumb criminal's file, a accidently dialed 911 on her cell phone, she did not realize it and it was in the middle of a drug deal. >> it was a first, and i got a laugh around the department, because they do not make it that easy for us usually. >> dispatchers listened to the call and tracked the gps signal, the officers arrived to an alley. they found the woman and man sit -- sitting in the car. they arrested the man and cited the woman for possession of marijuana. >> what these two have in common coming up next.
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> i do not like them here, or
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there. i do not like them anywhere. i do not like green eggs and ham. >> very passionate, a friday funny. the reverend jesse jackson reading green eggs and ham. >> and asked him what is your name, he said my name is lester, i'm as handsome as i can be. >> not to be outdone. chris sanchez read in read across america. her book of choice? the roly spois poly spider. dr. seuss's would have turned 99 tomorrow. >> so much fun. we will be right back.
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>> here is your chance to be part of the 49ers new stadium for a couple of hundred dollars. starting today, officials will start to sell bricks that will be placed in the stadium. fans can put their names and messages on them. the bricks will cost anywhere between $175 and $375. depending on the size and length of the inscripition, it is set to open in 2014. >> can you see the bricks? >> it's cool, they had it at at&t park, it's neat. >> that will do it for us tonight. >> see you at 6:00. medications?
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on our broadcast this friday night, anger at the top. words of frustration from the president today. as the clock ticks down to those drastic budget cuts at midnight. but after all the dire warnings with no talking going on, did the president just backtrack. without warning. a sinkhole tragedy inside this house in florida. and tonight we'll look at what happens to cause the earth to open up thousands of times every year. fueling debate with a television ad that shows a prominent kennedy saying nice things about a vilified foreign leader in the name of a good cause. and back in the groove. in the vinyl business. because record sales, meaning real records, are up. because it turns out they sound real good. also tonight, the loss today of a beloved tv mom.
5:29 pm
"nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. and as america heads into the weekend, with americans planning to live their lives as usual, through no fault of theirs, tonight a series of budget cuts will begin. while we've been warned about this for days, while we've been told by the attorney general and the head of homeland security our nation will be less safe starting this weekend, congress has left town, the dire warnings didn't quite have the effect the white house had hoped for. there's not a profile and courage to be found in washington these days and the president seemed to be changing his tune today. all of it just a preview of the next fight over a full government shutdown. our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd, starts us off on a friday night.

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